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Welcome to the Deck Analyzer.

We'd like to help you refine your deck for consistent gameplay.

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Getting Started

  1. Add a deck. Give your deck a powerful name like, Bruce the Big Bad Basher or Thor the Big Scary God to set the mood and strike fear into your opponents.
  2. Add tactics. Things like, Get red mana, Block, or Direct player damage. Expand each tactic to tell us how many matching cards you need by when.
  3. Add cards. Use their specific names (4 Elvish Mystic) or group them together (8 Mana-helper elves) however you like. Expand each card to assign them to your tactics.
  4. Review and Refine. Our analysis tells you how stable your gameplay will be.

Providing Feedback

We track all bugs and potential features publicly on GitHub.

Any feedback you can provide will be greatly appreciated!







Tactics / Card Groups

Add your tactical groups

For example:

  • Get red mana
  • Block
  • Removal
  • Swing big

Expand each and set how many matching cards you need by what turn for a perfect game.

Enter a non-empty tactic name.
64 cards

Add your cards

For a complete analysis, add them by name:

  • 24 Swamp
  • 4 Bile Blight
  • 4 Merciless Executioner
  • etc.

For quick stats, you can add groups:

  • 26 Mixed Land
  • 10 Disruption/Anti-creature Spells
  • 12 Small Creatures
  • 12 Big Creatures

Expand and add each to all of its relevant tactical groups.

Enter an optional Quantity followed by a Card Name. E.g., 4 Evlish Mystic
Starting hand:

Analysis cannot be completed.

You must add tactics and assign cards first.

Analyzing ...
Waiting for card and strategy data ...
The probability that ALL of your
tactics will land as planned.
Average Shortage
The average number of cards "late" or
"missing" during an "imperfect" game.
Pruning Suggestions (beta)

Waiting for data.

A rough analysis shows that removing
the following could optimize your deck.


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New Hand Draw 1 Mulligan
New Hand Draw 1 Mulligan
commander: ???    duel: ???    frontier: ???    modern: ???    legacy: ???    vintage: ???   
Azusa, Lost but Seeking
loading legalities ...
loading rulings ...
Beacon of Creation
loading legalities ...
loading rulings ...
Courser of Kruphix
loading legalities ...
loading rulings ...
Khalni heart expedition
loading legalities ...
loading rulings ...
Nissa, vital force
loading legalities ...
loading rulings ...
Scute Mob
loading legalities ...
loading rulings ...
birds of paradise
loading legalities ...
loading rulings ...
blanchwood armor
loading legalities ...
loading rulings ...
dungrove elder
loading legalities ...
loading rulings ...
loading legalities ...
loading rulings ...
loading legalities ...
loading rulings ...
nissa, worldwaker
loading legalities ...
loading rulings ...
loading legalities ...
loading rulings ...
treefolk harbinger
loading legalities ...
loading rulings ...
Created by DarthBob08.
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